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Book trailers are a great way to get students sharing their enthusiasm about a book in an engaging and thoughtful way. Book trailers themselves have only been around for about ten years and grew out of the concept of movie trailers. Through social media, especially YouTube, book trailers are now taking off, especially with middle years students.

Our vision of book trailers has always been to create opportunities for students to re-enact the main storyline of books they read, using live video clips, pictures, music, voice-overs and other digital tools. The original intent was to provide a means for reluctant and striving readers who had trouble visualizing what they were being asked to read and help them make better choices with selecting books from reading lists.

Digital Booktalk web site (

Have a look at some of the wonderful book trailers from these well-known sites and then have a go at making one as a class, maybe focusing on the book you are reading aloud in class. Book Trailers are designed to not a summary or a book report they are designed to entice others to read the book. Once students get the idea of a book trailer, they can start developing their own, in small guided reading groups, partners or on their own. They are a great way to support students’ engagement of a series, a particular novel or character.

Here a few websites you might like to start with:

Book Trailers. Inside A Dog (State Library of Victoria)

Resources for Creating Book Trailers

6 tips for making a book trailer that works. Reading Agency › Young people › Skills and training


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