What the See/Think/Wonder thinking strategy can do for you and your students.

I have found the See/Think/Wonder thinking strategy to be highly beneficial to students of varying levels and abilities, as it seems to optimise their learning. Whether using this strategy in a humanities class to analyse primary or secondary source documents, to analysing images or picture books in Junior English, to analysing poetry in Literature, I have found that it unlocks students’ ability to observe carefully, think deeply and wonder beyond the obvious; creating, engaged and curious individuals, as well as an atmosphere of inquiry within the classroom.

Leeann Palm

Leeann Palm is an English and Literature teacher at Dandenong High School. She has been teaching for nine years and is passionate about reading, writing, teaching and books!  She loves working with the students at Dandenong High School and hopes to do so for the rest of her life.

See, Think, Wonder

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