Do You Hear What I Hear? Assisting Students to Write With A Sense Of Voice  By Alan j Wright

Developing voice in your writing requires awareness and diligence. Emerging writers, need teachers to assist them to explore that inner voice. They need teachers prepared to work to ensure that a sense of voice remains intact when the writing goes public. Every child requires a writing teacher willing to play the role of mentor across this critical area of their writing. 

Alan Wright is an education consultant and author. His latest book, Igniting Writing - When a Teacher Writes, (Hawker Brownlow Education) is a passionateportrayal of the journey teachers goon when they decide to write for and withtheir young writers. The book exploresthe approach of modeling and demonstratingwriting for students as they developand learn. Since 2008 Alan has maintained the blogs ‘Living Life Twice,’ and ‘Poetry Pizzazz’ supporting teachers of writing with practical suggestions for effective writing instruction. 

Do you hear what I hear? Assisting students to write with a sense of voice


A Writers’ Festival: A school community sharing and celebrating writing  By Lynne Bury

Too often students will write because they have to, they see little purpose in the writing and no one who they can share their writing with, no audience to read their work. Sometimes students may share their writing with teachers, sometimes other students but rarely does it go further. How do we encourage students to write for authentic purposes and in doing so engage them in the writing process? As teachers we need to find appropriate ways to support our students and encourage them to share their writing not only with their classroom community but also with the wider community. We want students who write with a clear voice and who write for a variety of purposes and a range of audiences. 

Lynne Bury is passionate about students and literacy learning and has had extensive classroom and leadership experience in Victorian government schools. She is currently working with the Australian Literacy Educators Association (ALEA) and the Victorian Association for the Teaching of English (VATE) as well as with RMIT University. Lynne has been a member of ALEA Victoria and is currently a State Committee Executive. 

A Writers' Festival: A school community sharing and celebrating writing

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