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Can't connect to the VATE booking system?

Can't connect to our event registration page? It might be that your access to port 443 is blocked. This is generally caused by the firewall on your computer, or the port-blocking settings on your router, but it can also be caused by your school or ISP blocking access to the port. Go to and try checking your access to port 443. If your computer fails this test then you won't be able to make a booking on our system.

To unblock the port, try turning off your firewall while making the booking - please remember to turn it back on again afterwards. You may have to log in to your modem or router to unblock the port. If you are at a school you may need to contact your system administrator to have the port opened. It is unlikely that your ISP is blocking this port, as it is used in online financial transactions, but it is worthwhile confirming that your ISP does not block the port.

If all else fails, phone the VATE office on 03 9411 8500 and ask to speak to the Events Officer, who will take your booking over the phone. Please be aware that this will attract a $20 processing fee.

If registering for one of the student revision days make sure that you have a list of the texts studied this year before phoning the VATE office.

Members' Lounge

If you want to register for an event as a member, don't log in here. Go to the Event Registration page instead. You will be prompted to log in as part of the registration process.