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VATE Michael Clyne prize for VCE english language - essay competition

The VATE Michael Clyne prize for VCE English Language honours the memory of Emeritus Professor Michael Clyne, one of Australia's most distinguished linguists and a founding supporter of the VCE English Language course. All students currently enrolled in Units 3-4 VCE English Language (aged 19 years and younger) are invited each year to participate in the VATE Michael Clyne Prize for VCE English Language.

The 2015 topic for discussion was:

‘While we value our freedom of expression, we must set some limits and have some standards in the way we communicate with each other.’ Do you agree?

vce student revision days

As a service to the English teaching community, and to students of English, VATE offers VCE Student Revision Days each year for Units 3 and 4 English, EAL, English Language and Literature.

At these days, VCE students attend sessions presented by experienced teachers to revise for the VCE English, EAL, English Language and Literature exams.

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Student Lectures FAQ

Q. What are Student Lectures?

A. VCE Student Lectures are structured in the following way:

VCE Student Revision Days – English, English as an Additional Language, English Language and Literature.

The Student Revision Days in October are an opportunity to revise the year, with practical guidelines for using their study leave and effective strategies for approaching the exam. Sessions are presented by qualified, dedicated and expert teachers; they are well organised and extremely popular. Sessions are either in seminar (40 students or less) or lecture (between 50-400 students) form. Both will cover the same kind of material and topics.

Sessions are for students ONLY. Parents and teachers are not permitted to attend unless by prior arrangement.



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