VATE exams

VATE publishes sample examination papers for VCE English, English as an Additional Language, Literature and English Language each year. These are available for purchase by schools to assist Year 12 students in preparing for the end-of-year examinations.

In 2019, VATE will publish a modified sample exam for VCE Unit 3 English (Sections A and C). The Unit 3 English exam will be available from 30 May 2019: 2019 Unit 3 sample exam order form.
VATE will also publish VCE Units 3-4 sample exams for English, EAL, English Language and Literature. The Unit 3-4 exams will be available from 20 August 2019: 2019 Units 3-4 sample exam order form.

Please direct all VATE Bookshop and publications enquiries to the Publications and Communications Officer, Josephine Smith: