VATE publications

VATE publishes a number of print and digital resources to support the teaching of secondary English studies throughout the school year.

To support the teaching of VCE English/EAL, VATE produces Inside Stories for all new List 1 texts, and Inside Texts for the List 2 comparative pairs of texts. To support the teaching of VCE Literature, VATE produces Literature Perspectives guides on all the new texts each year. VATE's publication Inside Language supports the teaching of VCE Units 1-4 English Language. All VATE publications are available to purchase as print or PDF.

2018 VATE VCE Sample exams: VATE publishes sample examination papers for VCE English, EAL, Literature and English Language each year. In 2019, VATE will publish a VCE Unit 3 sample exam for English (Sections A and C). VATE will also publish VCE Units 3-4 sample exams for English, EAL, English Language and Literature.

Please direct all VATE Bookshop and publications enquiries to the Publications and Communications Officer, Josephine Smith:

There are three online editions of the journal Idiom each year. All VATE members have access to every online edition of Idiom and an archive of every back issue of Idiom is available in the library at the VATE Office. Contributions and editorial correspondence should be sent to the Managing Editor of Idiom, Josephine Smith:

vox is the member e-magazine of VATE. It is published online several times a year. It contains interviews, opinion articles, event reviews, practical strategies and suggestions to support the teaching and learning of English, special interest stories, and reviews of media including novels, films, plays, musicals, podcasts, and video games. Some issues are themed around particular topics or areas of study.

To contribute to vox, please email Hugh Gundlach, Education Officer: